2013 New Taipei City

The 14th AAPS Meeting
2013 Asian Police Forum was hosted by the New Taipei City Government and Central Police University. It was an international annual event combined with the Asian Association of Police Study. (AAPS)
Chang Kuang-Ming, Dean of College of Justice Administration at Central Police University is the founder of Asian Association of Police Study. The association centers on academic, practical and professional studies about police administration and crime controlling. The Association organizes annual conferences and English is used throughout the whole progress of the seminar. This year the annual conference was expanded by adding Chinese conference of Asian Police Forum. The participants included local and foreign experts, scholars and representatives from pragmatic fields excelling in criminal laws. They have made a great effort to solve relative problems of police administration and a great contribution to the development of police administration in the world.

2013 Asian Police Forum and the annual conference of Asian Association of Police Study took place at the Government of New Taipei City (PanChiao). The conference was held from June 25th to 27th. The main topics of the forum were “Policing Metropolis” and “Policing Training.” Furthermore, the issues of “Police and Community,” “Criminal Investigation,” “Police and Technology” were being discussed. Commissioner of Vancouver Police Bureau Jim Chu and 170 scholars and experts from 15 countries were invited to give addresses and present papers. Local experts and scholars also took part in the conference hoping to discover the problems existing in police administration from theory and reality. Through the seminar and experiences shared by various countries we hope to find the great strategy of policing, make connection with the development of police administration in the world, tackle the cross-border crime mutually and level up the efficiency of law executors in Taiwan.

During the conference, local and foreign guests were invited to visit the Criminal Investigation Bureau and New Taipei City Police Department. The specialty and advanced ideological trend of police administration in Taiwan were impressive to the guests. The New Taipei City councilor Lin Guo-Chun was selected as the next chairperson of Asian Association of Police Study and the secretariat was decided to move from Seoul, South Korea to Taipei, Taiwan. Yeh Yu-Lan, associate professor of Central Police University, will serve as next secretary-general.


  • 1.Yun & Jung_police stres
  • 2.Sahapattana & Cobkit_Factors affecting Public Confidence in The Thai Police
  • 3.Uddin_Political Corruption
  • 4.Sun et al._ confidence in the police
  • 6.Cheng & Sun_police cooperation
  • 8.Jessica Li
  • 9.Chu_AAPS article
  • 10.Gingerich & Chu_Perceptions of Gender Integration in Taiwanese Policing
  • 13.Chenane_Refugee
  • 14.Ho & Wong_Public Order Policing HK
  • 15.Hsu_victim
  • 16.Yao Wu_Golden mean
  • 17.Yang_Homeless
  • 18.Ren_Taiwan Police Conference 5-30
  • 19.Hsieh_stress
  • 20.Denham & Webb_Professional Leadership Development for Female Police Officer1
  • 22.Lejeune
  • 23.Kuo-local police department
  • 24.Yoshihiro & Inagaki
  • 25.Kuanliang_Attitude of college students toward police
  • 26.Chu & Wang
  • 28.Li_Information quality
  • 29.Lin & Chang_ketamine
  • 30.Boonyobhas_victims
  • 31.Schroeder_ Paper
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  • 33.Lo_CrossborderCrimeSouthKoreaChina
  • 34.Krishnamurthy_Urban police
  • 35.Zhan(Wilson)Wancheng_China