2014 Tokyo

The 15th AAPS Meeting
  〔Date〕 December 2nd (Tue.)–3rd (Wed.), 2014 〔Venue〕 Hotel Grand Ark Hanzomon (Chiyoda-Ku Tokyo, Japan) 〔Theme〕”Crime Prevention in Modern Society″ 〔Program〕   ・ Opening Ceremony kochokocho
Mr. Naoto Takeuchi, President of National Police Academy katagiri
Mr. Yutaka Katagiri, President of the Council for Public Policy lin
Mr. Kuo-Chun Lin, President of Asian Association of Police Studies murata
Mr. Tatsuya Murata, Police Policy Research Center, National Police Academy maeda
Mr. Masahide Maeda, President of the Association for the Study of Security Science mario
Mr. Mario Gaboury, Dean of the Henry C. Lee college of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences at the University of New Haven
shugo                     Group Photograph   ・ Forum 1 :“Crime Prevention in Modern Society” felsonfelson  
Mr. Marcus Felson(Professor ot Texas State University) tamuratamura             Mr. Masahiro Tamura(Professor of Faculty of Law, Director of Institute for Criminal Justice in Kyoto Sangyo University)   ・ Forum 2 :“New Concept in Criminal Investigation” leelee   Mr. Henry C. Lee(Distinguished Chair Professor in Forensic Science of University of New Haven)   ・ Forum 3 :“Civil Liberties and Security in Internet Society” osawa
Mr. Hideyuki Ohsawa(Professor of Constitutional Law, Faculty of Law, Keio University) koyama
Mr. Go Koyama(Professor of Constitutional Law, Faculty of Law, Keio University) baldus
Mr. Manfred Baldus(Professor, Erfurt University)   〔Concurrent Sessions〕 bunseki shonen 1 yobo Developing Crime Situation Analysis Crime by/against Juveniles Crime Prevention① 2 yobo 1 shinrai 2 shinrai Crime Prevention② Enhancing Police Governance and Accountability① Enhancing Police Governance and Accountability② shigen aratana 1 kokkyou Strategy of Police Resources Management Future Challenges against New Problems on Security Combatting Transnational Crime① 2 kokkyou drug cyber Combatting Transnational Crime② Combatting Drugs Combatting Cybercrime   〔Closing Ceremony〕 ye Ms. Sandy Yu-Lan Yeh, Secretary General/Past President of Asian Association of Police Studies     ogino sokatsu Mr. Toru Ogino, Vice-President of National Police Academy Summary of each Session


  • 01 Minoru Yokoyama(E)
  • 1-02 Jonathan Allen Kringen
  • 1-03 Connie, Shih-Ya Kuo
  • 1-04 Christopher M.Sedelmaier
  • 1-05 Kin-Man Wan
  • 1-06 Minoru Yokoyama
  • 1-09 Prapon Sahapattana
  • 1-10 S. Krishnamurthy
  • 1-12 Xue-Feng Yang
  • 1-13 Viraphong Boonyobhas
  • 1-15 Tetsuji Ezaki
  • 2-08 Md. Kamal Uddin
  • 2-09 Anne Li Kringen
  • 2-10 Doris C. Chu
  • 2-14 Taisuke Kanayama
  • 3-02 Sarfaraz Ahmed Khan
  • 3-03 Fu-Seng Hsu
  • 3-05 Edward, Yun-Lien Lai
  • 3-12 Fei-Lin Chen
  • 3-14 Na Li
  • 3-15 Jau-Hwang Wang