How to organize an annual meeting

Timetable and preparations 

Six-five months prior to conference1. Theme
2. Subsections/subareas/panels
3. List of keynote speech & invitation letter
4. Call for paper
5. Invitation
6. Organizing committee
May 30 ~ June 1
Five months prior to conference1. Decided subareas and panels
2. Roughly know how many people will participate
3. Topics of keynote speeches
4. Acceptance letter for those presenters
5. Set up official website
July 10 ~ July 15
Two months prior to conference1. Deadline of submission of pull paper
2. Acceptance letter for those presenters
3. Draft agenda
4. Assign moderators, presenters, and discussants in panels.
October 1st
One month prior to conference1. Continuously check the keynote speakers¡¦ name, articles, or ppt slides.
2. Continuously push those presenters submitting their final paper.
3. Check accommodation, meal, and transportations of those presenters.
4. Check how many people will participate in some official visitations.
5. Post official schedule and agenda on website and email a notification to all participants and members.
November 10~15
One week prior to conference1. Email a letter (note) including the accommodation, transportation and other notifications (e.g, registration) to those VIPs and presenters.
2. Assign staff and arrange how to charge registration fees.
3. Double check the date, flight numbers and arrival time of those participants.
4. Make sure the proceedings are correct and have been sent to be published.
December 7~8
OpennessDecember 15th